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April 2018 Club Reveal – Blackbird

I can’t believe we’re at the start of May already. Time seems to be moving at warp speed and there are days when I simply don’t seem to be able to keep up. I love that club gives me an excuse every month to play!

April Club was inspired by this photo. Eric has always had a love of birding and I think this image is one of my favourites. The red and yellow on the blackbird’s wings just provide so much life to an otherwise very subtle image.

This month I decided to create rolags… can you see my mistake in the two rolags on the right? When I initially carded the rolags, I didn’t card enough for me to spin in the basic club, so I had to card it at a later date and I accidentally reversed the location of the yellow and red! OOPS! (ps, I had way more of the basic club than the two rolags I show in the photo below, but some were a little bigger than normal, as I was using it as a way to teach my sister to card rolags…so they didn’t all make the photoshoot!)

I love the Akerworks bobbins because it’s so much fun to see the colours layered on each other!

Basic club this month was 100% Falkland. It’s surprisingly soft and lofty.

I spun each rolag in succession, starting with the light tan tip each time I picked up a new one. I then opted to chain ply it, as I wanted to create a very striped yarn.

For Luxury club, I blended the Falkland with Mohair and Silk…and oh my word, so lovely to spin! I love the halo from the mohair!!

For the luxury club, I spun one rolag from the yellow end and then reversed the second one and spun it from the tan end. It baberpoled a lot more than I thought it would, but I love comparing it to the basic club. You can really see how the same colour way can be made into such different yarns, just by changing a couple of small details!

I would love to see what you do with club! Please feel free to share it over on this thread in the Wool N Spinning Ravelry Group or tag me on Instagram with the hashtags #craftyjaksboutique or #craftyjaksclub If you haven’t signed up for club and you’d like to, please follow this link to my Etsy shop.

Until next time, Happy Spinning!!

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