Strauch Finest Drum Carder

The Strauch flagship drum carder model is the Finest. This top-of-the-line machine is unique and comes complete with the brush attachment and all accessories.

Having a chain as the drive mechanism provides a constant positive non-slipping action while carding and is far superior to belt drives.

The Finest has a 5:1 drum ratio. You obtain more carding action per revolution, hence quickly producing a beautiful, well blended batt. One to two passes are usually sufficient for a nice spinnable batt.

An important feature: The tall frame allows the handle to swing free of the table surface.

Designed to handle ALL fibers, including merino, llama, alpaca, cashmere, cotton blend, dog hair ……… on and on. A truly universal machine!

For those who need a larger production size machine, a Finest doublewide model 405×2-BA is available. Part of the flagship Finest model series, this top-of-the-line model has drums twice as wide as the regular Finest.

Other than size, our doublewide drum carder has the identical features and benefits as the singlewide version and comes complete with all available accessories including the brush attachment.

Both the singlewide and double wide are available as a motorized model.

These machines are truly unique in the marketplace and built with the same high standards as the hand crank models. They are “high tech” drum carders having both infinitely variable speed AND reversibility features. The “infinitely variable speed” feature (not just two or three speed settings) is wonderful when working with fine fibers like alpaca, merino and cashmere.

Our motorized drum carders use very high quality, durable, electronically controlled motors that are made in the USA. All these machines have been extensively beta tested by some “heavy duty” fiber artists and they all have raved about the design, workmanship, and durability. It is what is used here, at Crafty JAK’s to make our batts and we love it!

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