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May 2018 Club Reveal – Majestic

There are moments when you’re outdoors and everything just falls into place… the light, timing and subject are in the perfect spot at the perfect time and you capture something beautiful.

That’s the case with this month’s inspiration photo of this beautiful Bighorn Sheep. We arrived at a campsite in the Kootneys, an hour or so before sunset and the sheep were out grazing. All I can think when I look at it, is how proud and majestic he looks soaking in those last rays of sun.

This month, I opted to do hand pulled rovings for club….the only thing I don’t like about them…. they are incredibly hard to photograph! Basic club this month was Romney. The Romney was a natural light grey, so it really added some depth to this month’s colours as well.

And luxury was a blend of 60% wool/40% flax.

For basic club this month, I was craving a simple “no brainer” spin…so that’s exactly what I did. I spun long draw straight from the end of the roving, allowing the colours to mix and blend together at random. I love the heathered effect this gives to the yarn.

The Romney is a little on the coarser side of things for me, so this will likely end up as a pair of mittens for my husband, but I do love how the yarn bloomed after a good soak.

For luxury club, I decided to do things a little differently. I broke the roving into small pieces like this.

Then I separated each of the pieces into their respective layers.

I spun each of the pieces in a repeating order and then I chain plyed. It resulted in this beautiful yarn that I think will stripe really well when knit. I’m thinking with the flax content and the stiffness this currently provides to the yarn, that it’ll end up as coasters or placemats!

Two yarns from the same colours… yet so different.

I would love to see what you do with club! Please feel free to share it over on this thread in the Wool N Spinning Ravelry Group or tag me on Instagram with the hashtags #craftyjaksboutique or #craftyjaksclub If you haven’t signed up for club and you’d like to, please follow this link to my Etsy shop.

Until next time, Happy Spinning!!

6 thoughts on “May 2018 Club Reveal – Majestic

  1. When do you think you will have June and July’s Fibre club up?


    1. Hi Sue,
      I’m hoping to have June up shortly… I just got behind with changing up of rooms in my house and preparing for a local fibre festival. I’m hoping July will be up at the end of July, as scheduled, but we are on holidays at that time and I’ll have spotty cell service!

      Thanks for your patience,

  2. I understand,. I guess I am excited and inspired to see the color inspirations for the fiber you sent and anticipating if the yarn I spun measures up!

    1. I understand the excitement and anticipation and I don’t like to get behind… the last few weeks have just been busy! I will get them up asap and will send you a note when they are up!

  3. Katrina,

    Thank you for the sweet note with my fiber.

    Again, I totally understand how life (should) interfere with getting spinning,etc. done.

    Look forward to seeing the inspirations.

    (By the way, I have already started spinning the August fiber!)

    Take Care,


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the note and that you’re already spinning August club! June is now posted and July will be up tomorrow! 🙂

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