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November 2017 Club Reveal – Starling

10 years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Europe. When we were in France we visted Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy. I’d first visited this little tiny island when I was 13 and on a school trip. I loved going back and experiencing it as an adult. While we were there, the colours in this Starling caught my eye. I loved how the gold played off the cool jewel tones of emerald, royal blue and amethyst. This is the photograph that served as inspiration for this month’s club.

This month, I decided to make layered battlings. When you open up each bump, you’ll find a layer of gold, purple, green and then blue. Basic club this month was Gotland and as some of you know, Gotland is naturally a lovely mid tone grey. This undertone really serves to enhance the jewel tones I chose this month.

I forgot to photograph luxury club before I spun it… oops! But this month, it was a lovely blend of 50% Merino/50% Yak. It was a natural heathered brown and took the dye beautifully.

For basic club, I decided to strip each battling down to the original colours to spin a gradient.

The colours remained beautifully rich and I love how the yarn turned out.

For luxury club, I decided that I would spin straight from the tip of the battling, allowing the colours to jumble and mix together. I love comparing the two bases side by side and seeing how they work together.

It’s hard to believe that the year is almost over! One more club reveal for 2017 and then we’re into 2018!! I’m so excited to share December with you, it’s one of my favourites from the year!! We’ve already sat down and planned out all the different club bases for 2018 and I’m pleased to say that every month will be a different breed!

Till next time, happy spinning! ~Katrina

2 thoughts on “November 2017 Club Reveal – Starling

  1. It amazes me, how you take a photo and pull the colors out. That is a skill I have yet to learn.the way you transfer it to fiber is really a great skill.

    1. Thank you Sharyn. Years of being a photographer and understanding how colours work together makes it fairly easy for me, but some days it’s a struggle!

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