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October 2107 Club Reveal – Baba

This month’s colourway is inspired by a photograph I took a very, very long time ago (1996 to be exact!). It was taken shortly after I finished courses in photography and was the first image I chose to enter into a member’s exhibit for a local darkroom gallery show. (Yes, this was taken on black and white film, and I printed the photograph myself in the darkroom!)

This is my Baba. She was a local farm owner in St. Albert, Alberta, where I was born. My parents first met her when they rented a plot from her and they were soon adopted as her “kids”, so when we came along, we quickly became her “grandkids.” This photograph hangs at the top of my stairs and reminds me every day that love is something that is universal and has ripple effects for generations to come.

With the image being black and white, I decided that I would take a departure from colour and celebrate “shades” this month.

Basic club was dyed on BFL, which is one of my all time favourites to spin.

With luxury being dyed on a beautiful blend of Merino and Silk.

I spun both up during Spinzilla week, so there are no bobbin shots this month!

For basic club, I spun each of the rolags in succession and then chain plyed them to keep the colours in order.

For luxury club, I again spun my rolags in succession, but then wound them into a centre pull ball to create a lovely two ply yarn.

I’m pretty pleased with this month’s club… and I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve done for November!

Till next time, Happy Spinning!

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