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September Club Reveal – Crocosmia

In the reveal I did for August’s Club, I talked a little about my excitement at waiting to see what our garden held with each passing season. So when summer was finally in full bloom in our backyard that first year, I was delighted to discover we had a beautiful bunch of Crocosmia growing in one of the beds.

These beautiful red flowers are a favourite for hummingbirds and I love to watch from my kitchen as they float from flower to flower, collecting nectar.

This month, I decided to create a gradient that went from the yellow at the base of the blooms to red at the tops. Basic club was dyed on Corriedale, and luxury on BFL/Silk. The sample I spun up was basic club.

Here are my little bundles… before spinning! (obviously)

And after.

I always find gradients difficult to see in the skein… so here it is opened up.

While yellows and reds are not colours that I am usually drawn to, I’m really happy with how this turned out!

I’ll be back on track with blogging and October club will be posted on Halloween!

Until next time, Happy Spinning!

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