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June 2017 Club Reveal – Stained Glass

Last summer, we took our girls on a road trip through southern BC and into Alberta before coming home. One of the places we visited was Drumheller and we stopped at The Little Church. It was a place I’d visited as a child and I was so excited to take my girls there to see this teeny tiny creation!

One of my favourite features of the church is it’s beautiful stained glass windows and this window serves as my inspiration for this month. I loved the soft colours of bluey-greens, pinks, oranges, yellows, and purples – all with a stark rusty red running throughout.

I dyed seven different colours and then created battlings with these colours in mind. I kept the red throughout all the bumps but changed up the other two colours for every bump. There were so many different options, that it was easy to make sure there were no repeats!

I decided that I would treat each of my bumps as a combo draft, and to make it easier, I split each of the strips of colour in half and drafted from half the bump. I spun it all to one bobbin and then created a centre pull ball to ply from.

My 50 grams of club created a beautifully soft 78 yards of squishy worsted weight yarn. My youngest has already claimed it for herself!

If you’d like to join in the chatter, please join our thread over in the Wool n Spinning Ravelry group. Till next month, Happy Spinning!

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