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Feb 2017 Fibre Club – Lava Love

When Rachel and I first chatted about me taking over carded club from her, I was a mix of nervous and excited. I find that people so often have a preference for colours and creating something each month for someone, with no real idea of what they love, was a little nerve racking. However, I know that people love surprises, so I hope as club grows, I’ll be able to continue to create colours that delight and inspire you at your wheel each month. Each month, I’ll be blogging about my inspiration for the colours I chose and why they spoke to me. I hope you enjoy reading!!

Last year, my parents traveled to Hawaii for a little downtime, and one of the gifts they brought back was a beautiful calendar of Lava images. I would study the photographs each month, mesmerized by the beautiful colours. They kept calling to me to be created into something more. My favourite month was March, which was titled “Sultry Connection” and the description reads “One of the most breathtaking sights is watching molten lava flow effortlessly into the sea. The lapping back and forth of the ocean and steam rising as these fingers disappear into the Pacific Ocean.” I couldn’t agree more, it’s beautiful, so I chose it as my inspiration this month. If you have time, you should really check out more lava photos by Bruce Omori and Tom Kuali’i on their website. They are seriously awe inspiring.

The colours that really spoke to me from the photograph were yellow, red, purple, and two tones of blue, one being just a lighter shade of the other. I dyed the fibre and created this batt for the 100 gram club! This month was dyed on super soft 19.5 micron Merino. SOOOOO fluffy!!

I knew I would have an extremely busy month prepping for Fibres West, so my batt is only 50 grams, as I wanted to make sure I had time to spin it. This was my batt.

When I went to spin it, I started splitting it from one side…

And when I got to the other end, I simply started splitting back in the other direction without separating the first piece.

It didn’t take long until I had a long rope of fibre to spin…

So I rolled it up into a ball and got started. I spun everything to one bobbin on my Lendrum and then Navajo plied on my Ashford Traditional.

The result is about 75 yards of a three ply gradient. My husband loves this yarn and keeps telling me he’s going to steal it. Although, he’s not so sure about the sparkle in it!

I loved the colours so much, that I felt they needed to be developed into a hand painted colourway as well. I’m so excited to finally show you these two braids… “Lava Love” on Targhee and on Panda, both of which will be with me at Fibres West, along with a selection of other bases!

If you’re interested in signing up for club, you can check out our club listings in our Etsy shop. We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual clubs in 25 gram, 50 gram, 100 gram and 150 gram options. I’ve just finished carding up March’s club, which will be shipping out tomorrow and I hope you all will enjoy it.

Till next time,
Happy Spinning

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