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Farm Fairy Fiber Sample Spin

Just before Fibers West, my lovely friend Keryn asked if I would be able to spin a sample of her newly dyed fiber… and now that I finally have a blog, I can share it all with you!

This is the aptly name, Cranberry Tea on Superwash Merino.


I decided I wanted to keep this spin as simple as possible, so I took the braid, split it in two and spun each piece from end to end, with the plan to create a two ply yarn.


This fiber was a dream to spin. There have been braids in my past that have been so challenging to spin, simply because the fiber ended up felted in the dyeing process.  Definitely not the case with this braid. It was soft and fluffy and needed no pre drafting at all!


I ended up with approximately 285 yards of super fluffy DK weight yarn. I love the way the colours all blend together. The light parts really breathe life into the skein and the darker parts really add a balance to it. Don’t you just want to squish it??


I have another braid from Keryn called Bubble Nebula sitting in my stash at the moment and I’m really looking forward to getting it onto my wheel… just have a few projects that need to be wrapped up before that time!

Till next time, happy crafting!

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