Month: April 2016

Ridgeline Shawl – Sweet Georgia Sock Club

Today is a big day. Well… maybe not a big day but at least an exciting day. Today, I can share with you something I’ve been working on and keeping quiet for the last month! A couple of months ago, I was chatting with my friend Rachel, who is an amazing spinner and knitter. Since September, she’s been spinning the monthly fibre club from Sweet Georgia Yarns and she mentioned that Felicia would love to have someone knit the monthly sock club too. This comment stewed in the back of my head for a while, and then I plucked up my courage, emailed Felicia, and here we are… I’m knitting the monthly sock club!

This month was a gorgeous skein of Silk Crush that is 50% merino 50% silk. It’s squishy, soft and a delight to knit. The colourway is called Eden and I LOVE it. Purples and blues are my favourite colours!


I looked for a while to see if I could find a pattern that would show off the yarn… and while there were lots out there to choose from, I couldn’t find one that really “spoke” to me, so I decided to design my own! Introducing the Ridgeline Shawl!


If you want to see more photos or read more about this project, head over to the Sweet Georgia Blog and take a peek at my guest blog post!

Happy Friday!


Whoever thought a first post would be so hard to write? I’ve written and erased more words than I care to admit at this point! That said, I’m very excited to be writing this.

Crafty JAK’s is something my mom, Judi, and I have been working on for a while. We both love to create, and want to share that love with all of you. We have big plans for things we want to do and share on here! As we start to post more content, we hope that the blog will become a great resource for you. We’ll be talking about a huge eclectic range of topics. For now, we’ll be starting with fiber arts… knitting, crocheting and spinning. More topics like woodworking, baking and sewing will be added as we grow. I hope you’ll be patient as we get started here and eventually, I hope that you’ll be asking us questions and sharing with us what you’d like to see here!

Here’s a little peek at things to come…





Thanks for stopping by and until next time,

Happy Crafting!